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Living Today – Winter Issue

The Winter edition of Living Today is filled with information for first home buyers, community updates and guides to the fantastic local areas surrounding our communities. 

Dacland gets into the Nitty Gritty of the State Government’s first home buyer incentives, to explain what your eligible for and how you can make the most of it at Manzeene Village. 

With purchasers beginning construction on their homes at Manzeene Village in Lara and Lochaven in Cranbourne West, Dacland hosted a couple of “meet your neighbour’s events” to help people meet each other and get excited about the fantastic area they will be moving into.

Dacland explains what it means to live in an Envirodevelopment, to help encourage sustainable living across it’s communities.

The team explored Wyndham Vale to find the fantastic opportunities available to residents at Wynbrook.

Purchasers tell us why they decided to build their homes in a Dacland community. 

Dacland also share construction highlights and tips for making your new home attractive and safe. For these stories and more, pop into your local sales office to pick up a copy of the latest issue or browse the online edition.

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