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Land titles explained

The property market is complex, made up of terms, processes and contracts you’ve likely never heard before. Land titles are an example of a complicated yet important component of purchasing a land or home. A land title is the official record of who owns a piece of land, but there are different types of titles. To make things easier for you, the team at Dacland has put together a ‘land titles explained’ piece for you!

Torrens title: Torrens titles are granted when you purchase both the land and the house on it. Ownership is transferred to you and the title is registered in your name, making you the sole owner.

Strata title: Strata ownership applies where owners’ corporations exist, for example in apartment buildings. Ongoing payments will be made to the body corporate to cover communal areas such as stairwells or gardens. Different by-laws may apply, and strata titles can affect your ability to make changes to your home.

Company title: Company titles apply to some units and apartments built prior to 1960. Purchasing a company title means that a company owns that building and you are buying shares of the company (rather than holding the individual title). This type of property is generally more affordable but can have more building restrictions in place.

Stratum title: This title applies when a property is divided into lots, meaning when you purchase your property you become the proprietor of your lot. You will also own shares in the service company in charge of the common property.

Government leasehold: This type of land title is most common in the ACT or regional areas and allows residents to enter into a lease with the government for an extended period of time.

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Land titles explained

The property market is complex, made up of terms, processes and contracts

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