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Bringing Back Community at Lochaven

Dacland’s landmark new community, Lochaven, in Cranbourne is the perfect example of modern day living. It’s easy for residents to get to know each other and for friendships to form between children because there are so many places to play.

An urban village is a place tailored to modern living, where everything you need (and like) is an easy stroll away. It’s also a place perfect for every life stage, with a preschool, primary school, shops, supermarket and retirement living all in close proximity.

Every amenity is linked by walking and cycling trails laid along landscaped corridors that extend off the central established waterway.

In many areas it’s unsafe for kids to play in your average suburban street, and the atmosphere of Melbourne’s suburbs has changed as a result. If kids aren’t out and about, then chances are their parents aren’t either. Neighbours are less likely to know each other. Suddenly people living metres apart are entirely isolated from each other.

“Communities can’t grow if people stay behind closed doors”, says Dacland’s Managing Director, John C Dwyer.

“At Dacland, we create communities that encourage interaction. We use our urban design skills to do this a little differently every time we create a new community,” John said.

“Lochaven’s design makes it easy to leave your car behind when you do anything locally, whether that’s grocery shopping, going to a yoga class or lunching with friends,” added Dacland’s General Manager of Design, Jonathon Fetterplace.

“This approach is a win-win for everyone in Lochaven. It encourages a more active lifestyle, an appreciation of nature and it means less traffic on the neighbourhood circuits where children play,” he said.

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